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It’s hard to describe the explosiveness of Thomas McClary and The Commodore Experience: a thrilling ride, lightning in a bottle, incredible. The show is an epic adventure that straddles the line between unbelievable entertainment and a shared community experience. No ordinary concert, Thomas McClary and The Commodore Experience is a dynamic masterpiece, leaving blood, sweat, and tears on stage for the sake of giving audiences everywhere the iconic show they deserve. And he never disappoints.

With raw, soulful energy trickling down from McClary to the singers, dancers, and musicians fans are truly mesmerized by the electrifying sounds that exude from the stage — belting out hit after hit, like “Brickhouse”, “Machine Gun”,  “Three Times A lady” and “Easy”. Using the top-talent from around the country, McClary’s concerts bridge the gap between generations. It’s not a revival of the old days. The show is a high-energy revolution that shows the power of music and the ways it connects us all as humans.

Always the one to push the boundaries of genre and smashing expectations a million times over, McClary brings a live performance that is unparalleled with anything else today. And words don’t come close to doing justice. Buy your ticket today and experience the show of your lifetime — Thomas McClary and The Commodore Experience.



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“Never forget that all the power that you will ever need has already been gifted to you. Awaken it.. “

– Thomas McClary

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