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The Thomas McClary Wife we all love

Along with being the Thomas McClary Wife and a mother of great family, Beryl Thompson-McClary is a practicing lawyer in the state of Florida. With extensive 28-year experience as the attorney, she has represented more than 350 cases throughout her career.

Here are some reasons you can look forward to making an appointment with her if any legal issue arises.

 She has the ability to see both sides of the picture in legal matters of clients

Beryl Thompson-McClary has the experience of representing the both sides of the cases i.e. for the plaintiff and the defendant. This aspect of her career reflects that Beryl Thompson-McClary has the capacity, knowledge and experience which are blended with the ability to see both sides of the picture while defending a case thus giving her an added advantage to represent her clients in the best way.

 Her multidimensional professional experience
Unlike many contemporary lawyers who focus on one aspect of their legal practice, Beryl Thompson-

McClary has diversified her career and did not limit her professional experience to one aspect of legal proceedings. Beryl Thompson-McClary has the ability to not only represent her clients in divorce and
family issues but she holds the expertise to extend her services to the clients in personal injury cases, defense in malpractice and criminal cases and even in the automobile accidents thus making her the most reliable lawyer to be hired for extending her services.

 Her career as prosecutor

Beryl Thompson-McClary holds experience of being a prosecutor as well which puts her and her clients at an added advantage as she can find a good resolution for her clients and find the best solution which
could favor her clients. Therefore, she can be the best person to contact in the criminal cases or any other case where the client might be facing a considerable jail time as her expertise as the prosecutor would make her the best person to negotiate in the favor of clients.

 Beryl Thompson-McClary’s close interaction policy with the clients

Beryl Thompson-McClary, unlike many other attorneys and lawyers, believes in keeping a close interaction with her clients. She has the tendency to take her clients into confidence and before making any decision, she informs them about the possible dimensions of their case and consequences. This practice of Beryl Thompson-McClary not only is the reflection of her professionalism but also helps to build the confidence of the clients who willingly describe various aspects of their case which could be helpful in their case, share the documents, and answer various questions relevant to the case resulting in a win-win situation for them. Thus, the strategy of mutual interest between Beryl Thompson-McClary as lawyer and clients makes her the best lawyer to be approached.

Having analyzed all the aspects, professional career, success rate and professionalism extended by Beryl Thompson-McClary, it can be inferred without a doubt that she can be the best lawyer to be approached in diversified legal issues.


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